Web Accessibility Perspectives: Video Captions


Web Accessibility Perspectives - Video Captions.

[A man sat at a desk starts watching a video on his computer.​]

Video isn't just about pictures it's also about sound.

Without the audio you'd have to guess what this film is about.

[The video on his computer shows a person speaking to the camera. It is playing with no audio.]

Frustrating isn't it. Not knowing what's going on.

[The man watching the video has a hearing aid.]

That's the situation for everyone who can't hear.

[He turns on captions for the video playing.]

Captions make videos accessible, which is also handy for people who want to watch video in loud


[Another man is watching the caption video with a group of people chatting away next to him.]

or where you need to be very very quiet.

[Turns out that they are in a library. The group is shushed by the librarian. The video is shown playing with the captions on.]

Web accessibility. Essential for some useful all.

Visit w3.org/wai/perspectives for more information on video captions.

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