Video: DCCCD Network News Aug. 12, 2016

Video Transcript:

Good afternoon!

Our summer semester is ending with a sizzle. When the temperatures get this high in August, you know you live in Texas!

We also work hard every August with our board of trustees to finalize our budget for the coming fiscal and academic year.

During a two-day work session a few weeks ago and at our regular monthly meeting last week, trustees engaged in discussions related to the budget and the District’s overall priorities.

We’re implementing an exciting new budget approach this year, using a comprehensive budget book.

That means our planning and our budget literally are mapped out for an entire year.

I want to thank John Robertson and his staff – as well as our college presidents and their staffs – for working diligently to implement this change. This approach supports efficiency and transparency, which is a trademark of this district.

The proposed budget includes measures related to student, industry, and community success. It also invests in our greatest resource – our employees – and also addresses one of our greatest concerns – safety.

Budget planning also means that we will have two public hearings on the proposed budget. They are scheduled on August 16th and August 23rd. The proposed budget does not include a tax rate increase.

Once the public hearings are completed, the board will convene for its regular meeting in September to discuss and approve the budget book -- with changes, if necessary, based on their feedback.

Our other big focus right now is on fall registration. The clock is ticking down to that final date to register – Saturday, August 20, for credit classes – so please encourage current students, friends, neighbors and colleagues to register now and get the courses they need.

I hope you've noticed our new television and radio campaign, too. Our tagline for the campaign on television, in particular, emphasizes that DCCCD's colleges offer – “Higher education that actually gets you HIRED.”

That's a critical message we want to share. Our students can earn credentials that help them find good jobs that pay a living wage – and those credentials also meet the needs of employers. We offer our students the knowledge and skills they need to succeed – and get hired.

The end of August also means it's time for Conference Day! I'm looking forward to visiting with each of you and sharing the exciting activities that are planned.

In 2016, our theme for Conference Day and the entire year is “Building a Better Student Experience: Every Student, Every Place, Every Time.”

That theme is based on a study conducted this spring which has generated results that will lead us forward as a district. Those results will inspire us to improve our service to every student at every college, all of the time.

Of course, we also will honor our district award winners that day.

Please make sure you have registered for Conference Day. DART light rail stops right at the Dallas Convention Center, so it's convenient if you don’t want to drive downtown.

In the meantime, stay cool -- and we'll talk again soon!