Video: DCCCD Network News Nov. 11, 2016

Video Transcript:

Good afternoon!

Obviously, this week brought about major change on election day.

I know some of you are excited, while others are anxious about the results.

Much remains to be seen about how the new administration will view community colleges and our role in helping to rebuild the middle class.

Here's what I do know: Regardless of political shifts, we'll keep doing what we do to serve our students, our employers, and our communities.

We'll keep focusing on "every, every, every."

This was true before election day, and it'll be true moving forward.

Helping our students succeed is something we do well in our district – most recently through our employee giving campaign, which concluded last week.

Supported by your generosity, we contribute directly to student success through scholarships and programs offered by the district that are administered by the DCCCD Foundation.

Here's how you gave to our students during this campaign: the total contribution from all employees this year is more than $137,000!

Each college or location chose its own priorities to encourage giving – including student scholarships, employee development and program-specific funds.

On behalf of our trustees and our students, I want to thank each of you who contributed to the employee giving campaign. Through your generosity, we support student success every day – it's the DCCCD Way.

Last but definitely not least, today is Veterans Day. Please join me as we honor veterans from all branches of the armed forces who have served our country. They are family members, friends, our students and co-workers, and community members whose service and patriotism we all salute today.

Thanks, as always, for your support.