Notice About 2020 Tax Rates

Property Tax Rates in Dallas College

This notice concerns the 2020 property tax rates for Dallas College. This notice provides information about two tax rates. The no-new-revenue tax rate would impose the same amount of taxes as last year if you compare properties taxed in both years. The voter-approval tax rate is the highest tax rate a taxing unit can adopt without holding an election. In each case, these rates are calculated by dividing the total amount of taxes by the current taxable value with adjustments as required by state law. The rates are given per $100 of property value.

This year's no-new-revenue tax rate: $0.131367

This year's voter-approval tax rate: $0.140185

Unencumbered Fund Balances

The following estimated balances will be left in the taxing unit's accounts at the end of the fiscal year.  These balances are not encumbered by corresponding debt obligation.

Type of Fund: General Fund

Balance: 497,932,693

Current Year Debt Service

The unit plans to pay the following amounts for long-term debts that are secured by property taxes. These amounts will be paid from upcoming property tax revenues (or additional sales tax revenues, if applicable).

Description of Debt: Debt service

Principal or Contract Payment to be Paid from Property Taxes: 47,425,000

Interest to be Paid from Property Taxes: 6,218,198

Other Amounts to be Paid: 0

Total Payment: 53,643,198

Total Payment

Total required for 2020 debt service


Amount (if any) paid from funds listed in unencumbered funds


Amount (if any) paid from other resources


Excess collections last year


Total to be paid from taxes in 2020


Collect only 100.00% of its taxes in 2020


Total debt levy


To see the full calculations, please visit the Dallas County website for a copy of the Tax Rate Calculation Worksheets.

This notice contains a summary of the no-new-revenue and voter-approval calculations as certified by John R. Ames, Tax Assessor Collector on July 30, 2020.