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Workforce, jobs, training, skills. What we do here: we provide soft skills... we provide technical skills, and we also provide basic skills.

On the soft skill side, we help them with job readiness, which is... how to prepare themselves for an interview, how to build a resume that is professional, training program, or the machine operator, we teach them how to drive a forklift, and they get a certification out of it.

They also work, here, in the machine shop. Basic skill-measuring, just to make sure that they're ready to work in manufacturing.

We also have a training that is called Accounting Office Specialist Training which helps individuals to get ready to work in an office environment.

The way that our program works is that they get the training, in manufacturing, for six weeks. Before the six weeks, we have actual job fairs, when we have companies coming here and doing interviews on the spot, and some get a job right away. My relationship, here, with the college, started a few months ago -- actively recruiting new people, for our production.

We've hired about 10 people from here, so far, and they've done really, really well, so the fact that they have gone through this program, here at the Garland Campus, it teaches them a lot about safety and awareness, which in manufacturing, is very important, and really suddenly get an understanding of what the expectations are with regards to job skills.

I heard about the program on social media -- Facebook. I wanted to do something that was very local, to me, something close to where I live... places that people really talk about, and this is the college that everyone talks about.

I was so looking on Richland's main campus website, for courses to take, and stumbled across this one, and said that I could do it during this summer, and I was like -- let's go for it!

You know most degrees -- they take about 2-4 years, so I was looking for a good job, and good school to go to... and they've just recommended me Richland. The teachers, you know, they're friendly, you know, and they teach you. You build a relationship with them.

It's much fun -- it's hands-on training. I was the only girl in my class, but I was also the first one to get hired in a full-time job. We are more than an educational institution, we are very involved in the community, not just the Garland community. I mean, if you can drive over here, we're willing to help you.