Legislative Update: Jan. 25, 2019

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  • They Named Names 
  • The Dallas D – Where Are They? 
  •  Important Issues
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They Named Names

We all know life moves quickly, and so do announcements and events at the capital. As we approached our legislative update deadline last week, the Senate announced its committee assignments. We saw a couple of changes among chairs and members, including the Senate Committee on Higher Education. The new chair is Sen. Brandon Creighton. (See more gossip…we mean news…about committees in the “Download” section.) 

The big question on Monday was about when the House would release committee assignments. Ask and it shall be given. Since “change” is in the air, the House announced committee assignments on Wednesday and, yes, there were changes. With a new House Speaker, it’s to be expected. Think of it this way: If the Cowboys changed coaches, more than likely the offensive coordinator, Scott Linehan, or another coach would no longer be in charge – oh, wait – sorry, Scott. You get the picture. 

New committee chairs and members led to plenty of press releases announcing their excitement. An important note: the House also has a new chair, Rep. Chris Turner. 

Here’s the list of members serving on the Senate Committee on Higher Education: 

  • Chair: Sen. Brandon Creighton
  • Vice Chair: Sen. Royce West
  • Members:  
    • Sen. Paul Bettencourt
    • Sen. Dawn Buckingham
    • Sen. Beverly Powell
    • Sen. Larry Taylor
    • Sen. Kirk Watson
House Committee on Higher Education members are:
  • Chair: Rep. Chris Turner
  • Vice Chair: Rep. Lynn Stucky
  • Members:
    • Rep. Angie Chen Button
    • Rep. John Frullo
    • Rep. Donna Howard
    • Rep. Eric Johnson
    • Rep. Leo Pacheco
    • Rep. Matt Schaefer
    • Rep. John T. Smithee
    • Rep. Armando Walle
    • Rep. Terry M. Wilson
We would like to congratulate all of the chairs and members, especially our Dallas delegation – Sen. West (Vice Chair), plus Reps. Angie Chen Button and Eric Johnson, who were named to their respective committees. 

The Dallas D – Where Are They? 

Were you thinking defense? It’s true…your capital legislative crew still can’t get over the fact that football season is almost over. Definitely over for “dem Boys.” 

No, this section is about the Dallas Delegation. Which committees did they land on? Are any of them holding a post as a powerful chair? How will their assignments have an impact on Dallas County? Will Dallas ever have an H-E-B? Wait a minute… 


Bob Hall, Senate District 2
Agriculture, Chair
Veteran Affairs & Border Security, Vice Chair
State Affairs

Kelly Hancock, Senate District 9
Business & Commerce, Chair
Transportation, Vice Chair
Natural Resources & Economic Development
Property Tax
Legislative Budget Board

Nathan Johnson, Senate District 16
Health & Human Services
Veteran Affairs & Border Security
Water & Rural Affairs

Angela Paxton, Senate District 8
Property Tax, Vice Chair
Business & Commerce
Natural Resources & Economic Development

Royce West, Senate District 23
Higher Education, Vice Chair


Rafael Anchia, House District 103 
International Relations and Economic Development, Chair
House Administration
Energy Resources

Rhetta Bowers, House District 113
Juvenile Justice & Family Issues
Local & Consent Calendars

Angie Chen Button, House District 112
Urban Affairs, Chair
Higher Education

Yvonne Davis, House District 111
Judiciary & Civil Jurisprudence

Jessica Gonzales, House District 104
Criminal Jurisprudence
Urban Affairs

Eric Johnson, House District 100 
Higher Education
Urban Affairs

Julie Johnson, House District 115
Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence

Morgan Meyer, House District 108
General Investigating, Chair
Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence
Public Education

Terry Meza, House District 105
Agricultural and Livestock
Human Services
Resolutions Calendars

Victoria Neave, House District 107
Judiciary and Civil Jurisprudence

Ana-Maria Ramos, House District 102
Defense & Veterans Affairs
Natural Resources

Toni Rose, House District 110
Human Services

Carl Sherman, House District 109
House Administration

John Turner, House District 114
Environmental Regulation

Important Issues

When we visit with House and Senate members, Chancellor Joe May and DCCCD staffers have one primary goal: to advocate for our students and colleges on issues of importance. A few of those issues include:

  • Funding for community colleges

  • Funding for Small Business Development Centers 

  • A student’s right to transfer 

  • Workforce development

  • Local control 

Throughout the session, we will track these issues and bills that affect DCCCD as they make their way through the legislative process. We also will share more details about the issues listed above. As always, please feel free to contact our office with any questions. You can now email us at dcccdgovt@dcccd.edu

#TXLege Download

What did we hear around the Capitol this week? What were some of the big (and small) stories of the week? Did someone really say, “Her lips to my backend?” 

Sounds like it’s time for the #TXLege Download. I promise we aren’t making this stuff up. As you hop in the car and debate whether to head to the Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo or to catch one more episode of “Tidying Up” (remember to fold in half and then into one-third), take a second to pause and catch up on the stories under the dome. They are good. This stuff is legendary. (The usual disclaimer: some content maybe posted behind a pay wall.)   


  • House Speaker shakes up committee assignments with new leaders, extends olive branch to Democrats 

  • Texas House Speaker Dennis Bonnen names committee chairs

  • Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick makes changes to Texas Senate committee posts

Around the Capitol

  • Texas Senator Kel Seliger removed as Chair of Senate Ag Committee for 'lewd comments'

  • 'Her lips and my back end' comment costs Texas state senator his committee chairmanship

  • Preservation board invites public comment on Confederate plaque’s fate

  • Joe Moody makes history as first Speaker Pro Tem in Texas House from El Paso

  • Raymund Paredes, Texas' higher education commissioner, will step down Aug. 31

Late-Breaking News from D.C.

  • Trump Announces Deal to Reopen Government, in Surprise Retreat From Wall

  • Trump agrees to end shutdown without getting wall funding

  • Trump announces deal to reopen government — without his wall

  • Senate approves bill to reopen the government, the first step to ending the nation’s longest shutdown 

    Finis ...

    A quick shout out to folks who are following us on Twitter. ICYMI: We have a Twitter handle –  @DCCCDGovt. Speaking of social media…next week is Community College Day at the Texas Capitol. DCCCD will par​ticipate, and we anticipate that more than 50 of our legislatively curious, advocacy-minded, looking-for-a-free-trip-to-Austin students will join the fun. We plan to take plenty of pics, post them on social media and, of course, share our stories. This event  is a wonderful opportunity for our students to see how the legislative process in Texas works – or doesn’t. You decide!