DEI Mission Statement

Our mission is to cultivate and sustain a diverse, inclusive, equitable, welcoming, and belonging-based community where our members actively practice solidarity for the greater good of the community culture and everyone's experiences.

We recognize that our institution exists within a community and nation of both diversity and societal othering. As supporters for the disruption and dismantling of all systems of oppression and marginalization, we achieve our mission by engaging in equity-based practices through the lenses of fairness, continued (un)learning and educational development, antiracism, antidiscrimination-based community engagement offerings, and by interrogating data, policies, procedures, protocols, and practices to ensure belonging, expanded access to opportunity, advocacy, and support for all members. We coordinate our efforts across the institution through education, learning and professional development, special events and programs, employee resource group support, and policy and process implementation. Holistic and collective space-building rooted in interwoven solidarity are the hallmark of our work.​