​​​Richland is committed to build a sustainable local and world community by utilizing the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework to connect student education with sustainability projects and programs to improve the environmental performance of the campus for future generations.

Campus Living Labs  

Our campus living labs are driven by a strong collaboration between Facilities Sustainability, Administration, faculty, students, staff and community partnerships. Campus Living Lab highlights incorporating sustainability across curriculums:

  • Fall/Spring Recycle Roundup of eWaste, Fall/Spring Lake and Campus Clean Up, Arbor Day, Earth Day, World Wear Project Clothing Recycling Student Green Team Fundraiser and Wildlife Preservation Campaign and Recyclemania
  • Monarch Butterfly Waystation Classroom Lab Feasibility Assessment of possible butterfly garden campus locations to plant milkweeds and pollinators
  • Environmental Classroom Lab Water Testing to evaluate the overall health condition of ThunderDuck Lake
  • Soil Sample Testing and Analysis of our campus Horticultural Demo Garden
  • Managing and Inventorying of campus trees on iNaturalist and Texas A&M Trees Count Apps and Plan-it Geo Tree Plotter Inventory Software Application

Campus Tree Farm Education Center

The Tree Farm Education Center provides an outdoor experience where students, businesses, and group volunteers engage together performing tree planting, tree care, tree anatomy, tree health benefits and general nursery care

Energy and Environmental

The Energy Management program prepares students to evaluate energy use patterns and systems. Students gain practical experience monitoring energy consumption and emissions identifying the financial and environmental impact to improve energy performance. The program prepares students for careers in energy efficiency and waste reduction.

  • Commitment to carbon emissions reduction
  • Invest in energy efficiency retrofits
  • Campus Tree Farm and garden
  • Support green purchasing strategies for high energy efficient equipment
  • Green Building LEED Certification
  • Recycling - recyclable materials, eWaste electronics, composting and mulching
  • Conservation of Wildlife
  • Sustainability Green Committee and Student Green Team
  • Energy Tracking Data Reporting of Key Performance Indicator (KPI), Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Resilience, City of Dallas Zero Waste Management


  • 2019 Tree Campus USA Certification
  • 2019 EarthX Most Environmental Impact Award
  • 2017 City of Dallas Zero Waste Management Green Business Gold Level Certification – 1st campus in the DFW Metroplex to receive award
  • 2016 Recyclemania Grand Champions
  • 2010, 2011 EPA College/University Partner
  • TXU Energy Urban Tree Farm

Sustainability Initiatives

  • Duck Habitat
  • Monarch Waystation
  • Fish Habitation
  • Campus Living Lab Outdoor Classrooms
  • Sustainability Professional Development Workshop
  • Increase Community Outreach Partnerships and Student Internship Jobs

Contact Us

Sonia Ford

  • Project Coordinator, Sustainability