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​​​​Expand Your Training, Not Your Budget

As you weigh your training needs against your training budget, take a serious look at Dallas College. Our affordable, customized training can help improve your employees’ performance so your organization can stay one step ahead of the competition.


Types of Training

With your input, we can customize content to meet a wide range of training needs - from computer and language skills to management, manufacturing and health care training.

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We're ready to serve your business with:

  • quality, customized training
  • training at your site or online
  • experienced training professionals
  • flexible scheduling
  • competitively priced services

Ready to break away from the pack?

We provide the solutions to your organizational training needs.

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Campus Contact Information

Anita Bedford

  • Coordinator Continuing Education & Workforce Development
  • 214-860-5766

Elise Chitty

  • Continuing Education & Workforce Specialist
  • 214-860-5710

Melody Green

  • Administrative Assistant
  • 214-860-5811

George Laffoon

  • (Administrator) Project Manager 
  • 214-860-5768

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Office Hours

  • Mon-Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
  • Sat-Sun: Closed

LaKesha Raynor

  • Relationship Manager

Gerald Andrews

  • Relationship Manager

Cherrie McBratney

  • Relationship Manager

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  • 972-860-7113
  • 972-860-8392 (fax)

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  • 214-860-8550
  • 214-860-8537 (fax)

Melisa Herrera

  • Training Consultant/Account Manager

Lorraine Hood-Jack

  • Training Consultant/Account Manager

Darryl Owens

  • Training Consultant/Account Manager

Patricia Webb

  • Executive Dean

Tim Samuels

  • Director of Corporate and Community Relations

Sheral Phillips

  • Coordinator - Business Development

Konley Kelley

  • Director, Corporate and Community Relations

Celes Oppendahl

  • Associate Dean, Workforce Training

Kimberly Wilkins

  • Associate Dean, Workforce Development

Shellie Heard

  • Dean, Resource Development
    South Dallas Training Center

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Angela Auzenne

  • Public Information Director