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We know how important it is for you to feel safe and validated on your educational journey. Let Dallas College connect with you and prove to you that we provide education with pride.

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Education That Works For You

Dallas College strives to provide an equitable and accepting environment where you receive the respect and support you need to achieve your dreams.

As a gay male and a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I want to encourage you to know that we all stand with you, shoulder to shoulder.”

Dr. Greg Morris (he/him/his)
Dallas College Administrator

Find Your Community

“I have had a good experience at Dallas College and I feel safe and welcomed every time I walk in those doors. I have made so many new friends with people who can relate with me and share experiences with me. It’s an accomplishment that I’ve come so far out of my shell while feeling comfortable and open about my feelings.”

David C. (he/him/his),
Dallas College Student

Make a Statement

Messages From LGBTQIA+ Students and Employees

Be your best self. Be brave in adversity. Find allies. If you have not come out yet and you trust a teacher or staff member, start there before talking to your parents. Dallas College has resources to help you and they are free, so use them.

Never be afraid to reveal to the world who you really are on the inside because self-acceptance is the best love.

Being fully out has given me the opportunity to be accepted and loved by everyone around me. Being able to be myself without discrimination has really helped me be more engaged with other students.

"Be comfortable where you're at. If that's exploring your sexual orientation or figuring out your gender identity, just be comfortable. Be confident. Be patient with yourself, and surround yourself with support."

Chris Schlarb (they/them/their)
Dallas College Employee

Discover Yourself at Dallas College!

Let Dallas College be a safe space where you can discover your interests, be open about your dreams and join a community that supports and affirms you on your educational journey.

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