Registration for Flex Term Classes Is Available Now


The best thing about Flex Term classes: You can register for them anytime.
So, if you miss the registration deadline for one of our “regular” semesters, don’t worry! You can still get started taking classes.

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Or, if you are already enrolled, learn how to find Flex Term classes.


Why Choose Flex Term Classes?


Flexible Registration

Flex Term classes don’t follow the regular semester schedule, so you can register for them throughout the year. They also last for various lengths of time, which may work better for your schedule than a 16-week class.


Flexible Schedules

Some Flex Term classes meet once a week, others meet three times a week and some meet every day. We offer you a variety of options to meet your needs.


Finish Faster

They may help you finish your degree faster. Some Flex Term classes let you study a topic for a shorter, more intensive period.


Affordable Price

You get the same high-quality instruction at the same affordable price as “regular” classes. Dallas College offers the same courses as large universities at a fraction of the cost and even includes learning materials!


Ready to get started?

The six steps to enrollment are the same for Flex Term as for other classes.


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Or, if you are already enrolled, just look for Flex Term classes in the browsable class schedule: Choose the semester that interests you, and find “Flex Term” in the right column.



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