Areas of Study

​Art History

The Art History area offers foundation classes in Art Appreciation, Survey of Western Art History, Renaissance and Contemporary Art. Guest lectures, multimedia presentations, discussions and research guidance address historical and current issues in art. The on-campus Forum and Studio galleries provide direct access to student and faculty work as well as cutting-edge contemporary work from around the world. Visits to area museums, galleries and private collections are also included in course activities.

Foundations: Design and Drawing

Beginning 2D design, 3D design and drawing students work in a variety of media and techniques plus computer-generated graphic applications. Advanced design and drawing courses encourage individual development and prepare students for higher level visual problem solving. Figure drawing courses focus on the human figure, working from live models.


The recently renovated ceramics studio is completely equipped for handbuilding and wheel throwing. The kiln yard features a car kiln for large-scale work, and wood burning, soda, raku, reduction and electric kilns. An expanded course schedule includes focus classes in glaze application and calculation, and in kiln maintenance and firing.

Computer Graphics

The Digital Art Studio is a sleek and up-to-date Mac lab outfitted with more than 20 Mac Pro computers, flat-screen monitors and a selection of high-end film scanners and large format digital printers. The lab is designed to support and train artists who wish to work in image manipulation programs such as Adobe Photoshop, as well as those who are interested in pursuing the extension of their artwork on the web through website design and creation. The Art Department supports the use of computers in all studio classes as additional and interesting tools of artistic manipulation, and as interactive teaching tools.


Painting is taught in a north window-lit studio equipped with track lighting and exhaust ventilation. Following foundation courses in design and drawing, beginning painting students develop fundamental skills in the medium and begin to define an individual direction of imagery. Advanced students engage the issues of contemporary painting and are encouraged to work large scale and with experimental surfaces.


The photography area supports work in gelatin silver processes in formats from 35mm to 8 x 10, non-silver and alternative processes, and extensive digital imaging capability, including 35mm and large format film scanning, 8000 line-per-inch digital output to film, and large format laser and ink jet output.


Printmaking ​combines a rigorous introduction of the technical and conceptual aspects of print media and processes, approached in a studio environment encouraging exploration and large-scale and mixed-process work. Intaglio processes (etching, aquatint, mezzotint and engraving), collagraph, monoprint, relief printing and lithography on stones, aluminum and polyester plates, and water-based screen printing are supported. The Digital Art Studio facilitates integrating computer-based and altered imagery into all printmaking processes; the adjacent fine arts photography facilities enable convenient incorporation of photographically-based processes and images.

Sculpture and Art Metals

The sculpture facility features indoor and outdoor studio spaces that include a foundry for aluminum and bronze casting, a gas forge for steel forging, and welding areas for oxyacetylene, arc, MIG and TIG welding. A fully equipped wood shop and facilities for stone carving, mold making, art metals and jewelry provide students with a comprehensive 3D program.