Art Club

​Founded in 2005, the MVC Art Club’s mission is to attract students to come together and engage with others who share the same love and admiration for the arts. The Art Club will not only invigorate and promote the arts at Mountain View but will strive to raise awareness and appreciation of the arts in the community by providing and encouraging student members the opportunity to volunteer time, effort and ideas to help make this possible. 

  • Winner of 2007-2008 Organization of the Year
  • Winner of 2008 Best Club Event of the Year for DWA: Day Without Art 
The general purpose of the club is to create a community of students who appreciate and love art. Goals of the Art Club are: 

  • To serve as a forum for discussion about art, and actual participation in creative projects. 
  • To promote the growth of the appreciation of art on the MVC campus 
  • To foster the continued interest in art exhibitions and the permanent collection 
  • To provide experiences that develop the skills of working successfully in a group-teamwork To provide members with an opportunity to interact with other students who are interested in art and to participate in creative events 
  • To serve the college community by raising awareness about art and protecting the permanent collection of art that belongs to MVC 

Qualifications for Membership 

Qualifications for membership in the MVC Art Club are: 

  • Be enrolled in MVC during the current semester 
  • Passing grade average in all classes during the semester 
  •  Must attend meetings regularly 
  •  Must help with 3 events and fundraisers to be able to attend special programs 

MVC Art Club Annual Events and Community Service 

  • Spring Art Auction 
  • Participation in Dance and Draw 
  • Raising funds to contribute to MVC Art Scholarships 
  • Aiding in other club events, school functions and gallery exhibitions

"[MVC] Art Club fund raised money... to donate our campus for art supplies. I was so grateful to receive such a generous act of kindness. I utilized every penny to purchase special tools and supplies that we couldn't afford with our general funds. Their financial support and hard work made a difference in the student artwork by incorporating new textures, and medias. I admire their willingness to reach out and support their 75211 community." 
—Gabriela Sanchez-Lechuga former MVC student, and current DISD teacher

For more information visit our Facebook Page: MVC ART CLUB Sponsor/Advisor: Professor Cristina Medina, 214-860-3654,