Cyber Security at Richland

​​Richland was designated as a Center of Digital Forensics Academic Excellence by the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center in 2014. The goal of our program is to bring students the latest technology and a vendor-neutral education where we break away from traditional Information Technology training methods.

Richland is partnering with New England College (NEC) to offer an easy transition for students interested in earning a bachelor’s degree in Cyber Security. This unique opportunity will allow Richland students to work toward a bachelor’s degree without having to leave campus. Learn more about the hybrid program.

Richland's Cyber Security program begins with the college core and technology courses that introduce students to topics such as computer hardware, operating systems and networking in the very first semester. In the second semester, the student is introduced to information security and digital forensics, as well as advanced networking and operating systems. In the third semester, the student will concentrate on digital forensics, information assurance, cyber defense, secure systems administration and secure network administration.

As an integral part of the program, we encourage and require independent thinking and problem solving to explore using a scientific approach and reliable investigative methods. This is accomplished by teamwork in hands-on lab work and participating in collegiate competitions such as CCDC, National Cyber League and the Black T-Shirt Challenge. Our graduates will be prepared to enter the workforce with technician-level skills and ready to complete industry certifications. Certifications a student can take along their journey are A+, Linux+, CCENT or CCNA, MCP, ACE, EnCE and CeH.