Theatre Brookhaven

Theatre Brookhaven is primarily an instructional entity within Brookhaven's Theatre Department. We teach a variety of courses including theatre appreciation, acting, stagecraft, film appreciation and makeup. Our students are comprised of those who simply wish to complete the Arts/Humanities Core course requirements, those who want to explore all aspects of theatre, those who want to make a career out of theatre and those who want to give their lives to it.


Theatre Brookhaven is fortunate to have two performance spaces. The Performance Hall is a traditional proscenium stage with a capacity of 657 seats, plus eight wheelchair spaces with eight companion spaces. The hall also includes the Arena Theatre, which is actually a flexible, intimate black box space that can accommodate almost any configuration of stage and seating.


Theatre Brookhaven offers ample opportunity for students and all interested parties to act. We generally do five shows per school year — two in the Fall semester, two in the Spring and a musical in S​ummer.