Kory J. Goldammer, Ph.D.


Coordinator and Faculty, Nanotechnology and Semiconductor Manufacturing

History With Dallas College​

  • 2010 - Faculty at Richland

Educational Background

  • Doctorate in physics and a master’s degree in engineering physics, University of Oklahoma
  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering physics, Augustana College

Related Professional Experience

  • Worked for 12 years in the semiconductor industry, filling roles in companies ranging from startups to Fortune 500 corporations
  • Was an independent consultant in the semiconductor industry for two years, and worked with most of the largest semiconductor corporations in the world
  • Served as a graduate research assistant in the University of Oklahoma’s Molecular Beam Epitaxy Lab, assisting in the construction of the $1 million lab from the ground up and performing research and tests leading to the creation of the highest room-temperature electron mobility structures ever measured at the university
  • Author of numerous articles in scholarly publications, including The Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology and The Journal of Crystal Growth
  • Serves on the board of advisors for the Engineering Physics Department at the University of Oklahoma and is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers