Music at Mountain View

The Music program at Mountain View serves the community in three basic areas: general music education for all students; individual professional preparation for selected fields within the program; and cultural enrichment for both the campus and the community.

The Music program offers an Associate of Arts degree with a field of study in Music for students who plan to transfer to a four-year school and major in Music.

Areas of Musical Study

Keyboard Studies

Keyboard studies classes include required piano, sight reading, keyboard skills and keyboard techniques. The purpose of these classes is to help students develop fundamental keyboard skills that holistically contribute to their growth as musicians.

Required piano classes are taught in group settings, and they are designed for all students who have little or no prior experience at the piano. Applied piano courses are designed for all intended piano majors, while courses in sight reading and keyboard skills are designed for all students interested in learning how to play the keyboard.

Instrumental Music

Instrumental music classes include applied private instruction in different instruments, such as strings, guitar, brass and percussion. Class offerings also include a few instrumental music ensembles where students can participate in a small or large ensemble.

Vocal Music

Vocal music classes at Mountain View offer talented singers opportunities to hone their skills in private lessons, voice classes, choruses and vocal ensembles that sing in a wide variety of musical genres. Students can study opera, musical theatre, jazz, popular music, mariachi, Latin jazz and other types of music. Vocal music classes prepare students to transfer to four-year schools and major in Music. Vocal music classes also offer many opportunities to non-majors.

Latin American Music Program

The Latin American Music program is one of the most known at Dallas College. The program offers music ensemble classes with an emphasis on Latin American music. These classes explore the popular sounds of Son, salsa, mambo, samba, Latin jazz and more.

Music Technology

Mountain View music technology classes provide education in the areas of computer-based music technology, interactive design and multimedia production. The primary objective of the classes is to bring new and emerging digital arts technologies to students as they relate to the new discipline of music technology.