Transfer Policy

All paralegal legal specialty courses submitted for transfer consideration must be evaluated by the Director. Official transcripts, catalog course descriptions, and syllabus must be submitted. The Director may also request that additional information be submitted that includes, but not limited to, content and procedures covered in the course under consideration. 

The Director may consider credit courses from an accredited collegiate institution as defined in the Dallas College catalog, whether or not the institution’s paralegal program is approved by the American Bar Association. Courses from non-ABA approved programs, however, will receive strict scrutiny. 

Paralegal courses from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s approved inventory of courses (WECM manual) with the same rubric number as those courses in the Dallas College Paralegal Studies Program will generally be accepted as equivalent courses if the semester credit hours are the same in both programs and all the evaluating criteria are met. However, applicants may still be required to give further information about the content and procedures covered in the course under consideration before the course is accepted for transfer. 

Factors the Director will consider in evaluating all other paralegal transfer courses: 

  1. The semester credit hours earned in the course; 
  2. The semester and year the course was taken (an applicant may be refused transfer credit of a paralegal course taken several years ago if updated legal knowledge in that area is required in the current paralegal job market); 
  3. The institution from which the coursework was taken (for example, if the course was taken in a collegiate institution located in another state, the Director may deny transfer if deemed that knowledge of Texas law and procedure a requirement of that course; 
  4. The grade received in the course under consideration (a grade of C or better must have been earned in any transfer course); 
  5. Course content must have equivalent substantive and tangible legal work and content. 
  6. Modality of course (asynchronous/synchronous) must be confirmed. 

Transfer of legal specialty courses is limited to 7 courses. Transfer students are required to enroll in at least 5 of the 12 required legal specialty courses at Dallas College​, which must include the capstone course LGLA 2380 Adv LRW. Applicants must also meet the 5 face-to-face (synchronous) class minimum that can be part of the 5 legal specialty courses requirement. We offer a face-to-face option for all online courses.

The Paralegal Program does not ac​cept legal specialty credit by course challenge, examination, or portfolio.