Peace and Human Rights Studies at Richland

​​The Peace and Human Rights Studies program at Richland is committed to educating for peace, justice and the abolition of conditions that give rise to violence and war. Programming for students, employees and the community is offered through the traditional academic curriculum, continuing education, professional development and teleconferences.

All programming is designed to encourage personal growth and wholeness, while at the same time developing the individual's ability to:

  • Determine and prevent conditions which give rise to violence.
  • Promote alternatives to violence and hatred.
  • Advocate for action that renders justice and makes peace.


The Peace and Human Rights Studies curriculum enhances the individual's capacity to respond to life from a position of peace, responsibility and nonviolence. Students enrolled in the program will develop and enhance:

  • The capacity to understand the centrality of the conditions which underlie peace: social and economic justice, human rights and freedoms, the right of political participation and decision-making, environmental stewardship and respect for cultural and human diversity.
  • The capacity to live from the center, from a position of wholeness and positive self-worth, in order to personally extend qualities of peace to others.
  • The capacity to think critically in order to make ethical decisions on personal, societal and global levels.
  • The capacity to develop inner peace and to develop and sustain healthy human relationships, overcoming violence with conflict recognition and resolution.
  • The capacity to use mediation, conflict recognition and resolution.
  • The capacity to take personal responsibility and action toward peacemaking.