Mandarin (Chinese)

​​ China Scene

Interesting Facts

  • More than a billion people speak some form of Chinese, and around 900 million people speak Mandarin.
  • The International Monetary Fund projects that the gross domestic product of China will soon overtake that of the U.S.
  • The 21st century has been dubbed "The Chinese Century."

The Core Curriculum

In order to be eligible for a bachelor's degree at a Texas public college or university, you must first complete a Core Curriculum of courses.

When completed at Dallas College, the Core Curriculum is guaranteed to transfer as a block to any public university in the state of Texas.

You may apply two Chinese courses toward your Core Curriculum requirements:

  • CHIN 1411 or 1412 can be taken to complete the "Tier 1: Speaking and Listening" requirement.
  • CHIN 2311 or 2312 can be taken to complete the "Tier 2: Humanity, Creativity and the Aesthetic Experience" requirement.

Actual course offerings vary from semester to semester, so check eConnect or the online course schedules for current course availability.

Concurrent (Noncredit) Enrollment

If you want to take academically rigorous courses in Chinese but do not need college credit for them, then you might consider taking our credit Chinese courses “concurrently,” i.e., for noncredit.

If you are interested, please contact Brookhaven's Workforce and Continuing Education Division.