Study in America

​Wa​nt to study science in the field? Join our faculty for one of four Field Studies travel classes, which offer opportunities to learn about wildlife on the Gulf of Mexico, geology on Hawaiian volcanoes and much more.

Gulf Coast Field Studies: Botany and Biology

For over 35 years, North Lake students have been studying the diverse environment of​ the Texas Gulf Coast in field study trips. Weekend pre-trip classes at North Lake start in March, building to a weeklong trip in May, when the class heads to the outdoor laboratories in and around Port Aransas. The Texas coastal bend is a unique mix of forest, arid southwestern and subtropical habitats, and students see ecosystems on land and by boat.

Winter Hawaiian Field Studies: Botany and Biology

The Hawaiian islands are a paradise rich with sandy beaches, brilliant sunsets and some of the best recreational and relaxation spots on earth. Beyond the tourist attractions though, Hawaii is a natural wonder of botanical rarities, explosive geological features and themes of evolution, adaptation, conservation and extinction. Join us in the Hawaiian islands with the opportunity to study in this unique environment and earn college credit.

The Winter term program includes classes on botany and biology, and travel takes place in early January.

Summer Hawaiian Field Studies: Biology, Botany, Geology, Photography, Fitness

The summer program is larger and incorporates more classes, with the additions of earth science, digital photography and walking fitness credit. Students earn 16 credit hours and travel to Hawaii for two full weeks in June.