Global Focus: DCCCD Explores International Partnership With Vietnam Community Colleges

​​ ​​​​3/23/2016

Dr. Joe May and VAAC President Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh​​

Dr. Joe May and VAAC President Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh

The Office of Global Economic Development of the Dallas County Community College District (DCCCD) exists to forge international collaborations. Their latest effort includes a potential partnership with the Vietnam Association of Community Colleges (VAAC). On Feb. 23, DCCCD Chancellor Dr. Joe May met with VAAC President Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh to discuss his vision for furthering globalization and international partnering througho​​ut the ​​​DCCCD as well as the greater Dallas community. 

Exploring common goals

A relatively young organization, the VACC has established 61 colleges and universities in Vietnam since 2006. The VAAC has also partnered with multiple community colleges across the United States and Canada, including several businesses representing the private sector. In total, the VAAC currently has 13 international partnerships. DCCCD hopes to join their growing network. 

While meeting, Dr. Khanh and Dr. May discussed the objectives of the VACC and DCCCD to explore common goals and discuss strategies for future collaborations. One of the core objectives of the VACC is professional development and mentoring for VAAC member colleges, including Tra Vinh University where Dr. Khanh serves as president. One of the key ways VAAC has built professional development is through international collaborations, sending VAAC faculty abroad to build skills and further develop international smarts. 

Touring the colleges

The international meeting was followed by tours of Richland, Brookhaven and Mountain View colleges — the three colleges of DCCCD with the highest population of Vietnamese students. For example, in Spring 2015, Richland College alone enrolled almost 500 Vietnamese students. 

These three colleges of DCCCD also have a strong history of international projects in Vietnam. The Global Education Development Advisory Council at Richland College is currently in the process of completing a Fulbright Proposal to send faculty to Vietnam in the summer of 2017. Mountain View College is also interested in learning experiences in Vietnam for faculty as well as students and support staff. Brookhaven College has sent faculty member Grant Sisk, instructional dean of world languages, to guest lecture in Ho Chi Minh City for the past five years. 

To finish his Dallas visit, Dr. Khanh met with Mr. Galileo Jumaoas, president of the Greater Dallas Asian Chamber of Commerce. Jumaoas commented that this was a timely visit as he is currently working with a group that will soon be visiting Vietnam. Jumaoas' goal: to create a better understanding of the opportunities of modern-day Vietnam. ​