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This form allows you to start the process toward accomplishing your next goal! It helps us know what you are looking for and where you are starting from. Dallas College does not sell your personal data or information.

At the WRU information session, you will learn important information about program requirements, helpful resources and support for eligible students, required assessments for class placement (CASAS) and general orientation.

Next, keep an eye on your email. Check your spam box if you don’t see our email in your inbox. You should receive an email with your next steps that include:

  1. Create your Dallas College student ID number (or confirm you have it) with our instant registration page. If you have ever been a Dallas college student, you should already have one. Please make sure to use the same information you did originally (name, Social Security number, etc.) so you don’t create a new ID and any past work stays with you. Let us know if you need any information updated on your profile.
  2. Create your eConnect account or confirm you have access to it.
  3. Register to attend an in-person information session. Attending an information session is a requirement to determine eligibility for WRU. You will receive confirmation of your registration by email. We will send you an email reminder one or two days before your scheduled session.
    • After your information session, you will be able to schedule your CASAS assessment and coaching appointment. The CASAS assessment is used to measure basic academic skills for adults and curriculum tools to target instruction, allowing for proper class placement.

Need To Know

  • Participants must show one form of picture ID. Passports are accepted.
  • Students must attend the entire information session, which typically lasts from 90 minutes to two hours. You may attend any information session on the schedule below; you do not need to attend more than one.
  • Children are not permitted to attend the information session, testing or class. Child care is not provided for these face-to-face sessions.
  • Please remember: Attending the information session is a requirement to be eligible for our program, and the process begins with the interest form (click on the red button above).

Information Session Schedule

To attend any of these in-person information sessions, please fill out the WRU Interest Form (also available by clicking the red button above) and follow all steps that will be sent to your email. You will also receive an email reminder with location details a few days befo​re the date you chose to attend the information session.

Please note that information sessions may take one to two hours to complete.

In-Person Information Session Dates

Information Session dates will be announced soon!

Fill out the interest form and follow the steps in the automated email to be informed of the upcoming dates.

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