WorkReadyU Student Experiences

“This program was a confidence builder and will make me more competitive in the workforce. The instructor’s encouragement made it a wonderful experience.”
“These classes filled in a lot of the gaps. I know I can take the skills I learned and put them to good use in any job.”
Victoria and Jeremy
Mother and Son Graduates

Hard Work Pays Off

It took a while, but Anabeyde Lopez decided nothing would stop her from earning her GED certificate. Ana started the GED program at Mountain View in December 2017. There were plenty of challenges along the way, like the realization that she would have to put in some extra work to reach her goal.

Ana had trouble passing the GED Math Practice portion of her exam, so she decided to attend a few GED Math workshops. Her hard work paid off as she passed the exam and earned her GED certificate in August.

Through all her hard work, Ana’s biggest inspiration to earn her GED was her kids. “How could I encourage them if I didn’t finish mine,” she said.

Anabeyde Lopez
GED Program Graduate

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