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Dental Hygienist

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About This Job

Dental hygienists perform an important role in the dental office. Their tasks include removing calculus and stains, helping to prevent dental disease, applying preventive agents and taking radiographs (X-rays). Hygienists perform oral cancer screenings, take patients' medical history, take vital signs and educate patients on ways to improve and maintain good oral health. requirements.

Hygienists are professional health care providers who work in a variety of settings that include dental offices, education, research and dental sales. They may also work as administrators and as advocates for patients' oral health.

First-Line Supervisor of Police and Detective

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About This Job

Studying Criminal Justice at Dallas College can prepare you for a variety of careers. There is a wide range of jobs available depending on your skills, abilities and education — from police officer to correction officer, constable, FBI or CIA agent, drug enforcement officer or U.S. marshal.

Criminal justice programs at Dallas College provides valuable knowledge in working effectively in corrections, probation, government and private security settings. Practical courses include dealing with criminal behavior, methods of criminology, public policy, interpersonal communication and ethical issues in criminal justice.


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