Returning to Campus and the Workplace

Location Preparations and Protocol

  • Specific entry and exit points at each Dallas College location are staffed with welcome assistants to monitor individual access.
  • Visitor requests to access any Dallas College location will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and must be scheduled and approved before arrival.
  • For classes, program coordinators have been provided training on scheduling topics: 
    • Staggering class times and breaks 
    • Strategizing how to address student meals, if applicable 
    • Recognizing social distancing workstation modifications 

Key Personnel Roles

The Dallas College Critical Response Office was established June 12, 2020. Key responsibilities are outlined below.

  • Developing and implementing safe work practices, policies and processes, with all decisions driven by safety
  • Acting as the primary focal point for all COVID-19 activities, internally and externally
  • Providing input and guidance on national guidelines and providing strategic direction in collaboration with executive leadership
  • Performing and managing multiple elements of COVID-19 activities, including anticipating, evaluating and controlling exposure(s) to hazards, along with developing reporting and communication processes to appropriate stakeholders
  • Coordinating between Dallas College employees and teams involved in COVID-19 preparedness activities
  • Adapting and evolving policies, processes and procedures as needed by the changing environment
  • Liaising with representatives from the medical community, law enforcement, city/county government, etc.
  • Preparing and submitting local, state and federally required reports regarding COVID-19 activities 

Back to Campus Coordinators are stationed at each Dallas College campus and are charged with supporting students and employees as people begin returning to campuses.

Back to Campus Coordinators have the following responsibilities.

  • Conducting interview with individuals who become symptomatic on campus and following up with the incident, relocating classes or office occupants and assisting with the Post Positive Investigation process as needed
  • In the event of a positive COVID-19 case, working with the Critical Response Office to gather necessary information for Clery Act reporting
  • Remaining informed on COVID-19 guidelines from Dallas County, the State of Texas and the CDC
  • Documenting students, employees or visitors who become ill while on campus
  • Ensuring student and employee compliance with Dallas College safety and social distancing guidelines
  • Providing online resources to individuals, if requested
  • Answering general questions from campus visitors
  • Documenting violations of guidelines and corresponding resolutions

Welcome assistants are individuals that welcome and support students and employees on campus. Responsibilities of the welcome assistants are listed below.

  • Greeting visitors as they enter campus or buildings
  • Checking in students, employees and visitors
  • Assisting and resolving check-in concerns associated with the Appian app
  • Ensuring visitors are complying with face covering requirements
  • Ensuring visitors are maintaining social distancing in halls and common areas
  • Supporting traffic flow in hallways and other potentially congested areas by discouraging congregating and directing people to stay to the right
  • Providing directions and answering other general questions

Return to the Workplace Steps – Training, Acknowledgement, Appian App

To ensure all Dallas College locations remain safe environments, students and employees must complete the following steps prior to visiting.

The Critical Response Office will provide periodic webinars for targeted groups to address employee and student questions and concerns pertaining to returning to campus and the workplace.

Appian Health Monitoring App

Dallas College has partnered with Appian to make the pre-screening process as convenient and easy as possible for students and employees. The app can be accessed via the Dallas College Appian webpage, or it can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or G​oogle Play.

Students and employees must complete the Appian app self-report health questionnaire no more than two hours prior to visiting any Dallas College location. This health questionnaire must be completed each time the individual enters a Dallas College location, and it will determine if the individual:

  • Has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Has experienced any symptoms related to COVID-19
  • Has been in close contact with another person who has tested positive for COVID-19 or who has symptoms of COVID-19

Students and employees who complete the Appian questionnaire and have identified as not having any symptoms related to COVID-19 or other exclusion criteria will be granted entry to a Dallas College location. They are subject to complying with all Dallas College safety and health guidelines, including the wearing of a face covering and social distancing from others.

Students and employees who do not complete the Appian questionnaire, have been experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, have potentially been exposed to COVID-19 or who have returned from travel to a CDC Level 3 location in the past 14 days will be denied entry and advised to return home and monitor their symptoms. These individuals should consider isolating themselves from others, seek guidance from their healthcare provider or the state or local health department and follow CDC recommendations on what to do if they or a member of their household have symptoms related to COVID-19.

If an individual has symptoms related to COVID-19 but believe the symptoms are caused by another condition, they should contact Human Resources if they are an employee or​ the Dallas College Health Services nurse line at 972-860-8970 if they are a student.

  1. Open the app on a mobile device or desktop computer.
  2. If this is your first time using the app, set up your account by entering the Dallas College Appian webpage URL,
  3. Sign into the app by selecting, “I'm an employee, contractor or student."
  4. Use your Dallas College single sign-in credentials (employees will need to authenticate their login with their multi-factor authentication).
  5. Complete the profile information and update this information if needed.
  6. Select your department (HR, IT, student, etc.)
  7. For “Employee/Student Type," employees need to choose “Office-Based" and students need to choose “Campus-Based."
  8. Choose the Dallas College location where you will be visiting.
  9. Enter your current residence or home address.
  10. For “Current Work/School Status," employees should select “In Office" and students should select “On-Campus."
  11. Answer the yes/no questions and click “continue."
  12. Select the acknowledgement box that attests the information is true and accurate, and hit “submit."
  13. Upon submitting the questionnaire, the system will bring you to a landing page that indicates your eligibility to return to a Dallas College location.
    1. If you are not eligible to return, the app will inform you to stay home.
    2. If you are eligible to return, the app will provide you with a pass that grants access for the day. You must show this pass to the person stationed at the Dallas College location entrance to gain access.

Employees who have questions about the Appian app should contact the Human Resources call center at 972-860-5119 from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, or email Students with questions should contact Student Technical Support at 972-669-6402.

Returning to the Workplace



A/B Rotating Schedule

As of April 5, 2021, the use of the A/B rotating schedule has ended, and all staff are expected to perform their duties on campus on their regular schedule. Exceptions are in place for those who have an approved Inability to Return to Work status effective until May 31, 2021. If there are concerns about the office safety, a space evaluation can be requested by emailing the Critical Response Office. Facilities will perform the evaluation and provide recommendations as necessary.

Scheduling Considerations for Supervisors

Department supervisors are responsible for creating and maintaining employee work schedules. Supervisors should first identify employees who may have initiated the Inability to Return to the Workplace process, to guide scheduling decisions.

Facilities Management personnel and location leadership have considered office and cubicle spacing, and scheduling supervisors will be provided with the maximum number of employees approved to share the spaces at one time. Supervisors should adhere to these occupancy limits when creating schedules. To ensure safe working distances from each other, each employee's physical work location should be considered, with nearby employees either being assigned to a different schedule or moved to a different workspace.

Inability to Return to the Workplace/Remote Work Agreement

The Inability to Return to the Workplace and Remote Work Agreement are no longer being considered and active agreements will expire on May 31, 2021. If there are continued extenuating circumstances that will prevent an associate from returning, they will have to use leave for the days they are scheduled to be on campus.