Employee Learning Support

​​​​Our team strives to be the strategic driver of uncommon solutions and deliverables by using the talents of extraordinary people, tools and ideas. As small businesses cope with the COVID-19 pandemic, we understand you've been forced to weigh your training needs against your training budget. ​

Employee Skills Development

Whether you have one employee or one thousand, our customized training solutions can fit your size and budget.

  • WorkReadyU offers career training program options dedicated to getting employees in a new field or advancing them in a current job. We're expanding our offerings throughout the year, and getting our citizens to work a job that supplies a living wage is our top priority.​​
  • Solutions Development offers training by developing next-generation apprenticeships and securing and administering grants for employer training needs.
  • The Skills Development Fund COVID-19 Special Initiative is a new program from the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) for eligible applicants responding to the training needs of business partners adversely affected by COVID-19 and those employers retooling business processes to respond to the need for COVID-19-related necessities.
180 Skills - Great Education For Real Careers 

180 Skills Open America Courses

Working with employers and workforce boards, 180 Skills has developed two new courses to streamline the difficult process of reopening America in a COVID-19 environment. The courses are designed to help employees return to work safely and to help employers understand the OSHA and CDC guidelines for preparing and maintaining the workplace in the current COVID-19 outbreak.

Request access to these courses, courtesy of Dallas College.

Prepare Your Employees for the New Workplace Normal

Returning to work in the COVID-19 era means your employees need to understand the important art of de-escalation and conflict resolution. That's why we're proud to offer free Workplace Conflict De-Escalation Training, developed by Myra Golden Seminars, and provided free of charge by the Ascend Institute.  

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