Video: Mulled Cider Recipe

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Hi, so I'm Chef Brian Hay, Instructional Dean for Culinary, Pastry and Hospitality here at Dallas College. I'm also a sommelier and Homecoming is coming up so we wanted to show you a couple of quick and simple, easy mocktails, without alcohol in this case, that you can go and do for fall. So I moved here from Michigan and this time of year when the weather is cold, I like to go and drink hot things, sit outside, watch the sunset. And to me, one of the best things to have is mulled apple cider. So if we take a look in the pot, we've actually got, let me see, 32 ounces, about a quart of apple cider. We've got one cinnamon stick, which I'm going to show you here in my hand. And then we also have something called whole cloves as well. And so about four whole cloves, one cinnamon stick, and I'm going to put that into the pot, bring it to a simmer, let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. It's absolutely perfect. I'll turn it off at this point in time. Bring some out. So it's important to note, apple cider-- please, please, please go and buy the pasteurized version. You can get it-- pretty well at any grocery store now has it on sale. The core part about it is, give it a test first. Everybody's sweetness level's a little different. What I always like to do is put cinnamon stick on the side, so in case you want to go and dip that in and get a little bit stronger flavor, it works fantastic. But taste your apple cider first. It might be a little sweet, might not be sweet enough. If you want it sweeter, one of the tricks I learned a long time ago, because I'm a Canadian, is we actually put a little dab of maple syrup into it. And that brings a whole, another level flavor to it. But I love it like this. The other drink I would like to make, really fast, is what we call a mule. So in this case, we're going to do it with apple cider and a little ginger beer. And I'm going to use equal parts. So I'm going to measure this off, just to make sure I get this right. And we're looking at about four ounces, make sure I get that right - yup! Four ounces of apple cider. And before I do this, I'm actually going to place my ice in to my glass. By the way, this apple cider is chilled, I try to keep it as cold as possible for this. So four ounces in. And I'm going to top this off with ginger beer. I like to use about four ounces. Let me explain what ginger beer is. Ginger beer is actually a soda. This is the brand I like, Fever-Tree. But any good ginger beer will work. This one is non-alcoholic. You can purchase some that do have alcohol in them. This one's purely non-alcoholic, it's a four-pack, great flavor. I want a strong ginger flavor to go and compliment the apples. So we're gonna go and pour this in. And again, we're looking for about four ounces. I'm gonna give this a little stir. And I'm gonna do that gently because I do not want to lose the carbonation from the ginger beer. And at this point in time, I like to just go and top it off with a lime slice. Now some people hang it on the side. When I hang it on the side they normally throw it away, and I want the flavor in there, so I'm gonna just lay it in there like this. And so now we actually have two simple, easy drinks that you can enjoy during the holiday time here at Homecoming. We've got the mulled apple cider, so when it gets cold here, for us Michigan people it's about 35-40 degrees, when it's Dallas, it's under 60. So when it gets to under 60 degrees you want to go and do something hot. But if you'd like something clean and refreshing, we actually have our mule, our apple cider mule. So thanks a lot for taking a couple of minutes watching what we're doing here. So I'm Brian Hay from Dallas College. Thanks for watching.