Mountain View 50th Anniversary


Celebrating 50 years of empowering people and transforming communities.


Fifty Years of Educational Excellence

Welcome to a new year and a new decade! This year Mountain View celebrates 50 years of empowering people and transforming communities.

Mountain View has had an unwavering focus on educational excellence and putting students first since the early days of 1970. With weather delays and labor disputes, construction of the new college, in 1970, was behind schedule. Undeterred, and determined to open as scheduled, the college opened in tents and trailers. While this was inconvenient, more than 2,000 students enrolled. Our founding faculty, the Pioneers, were not bothered by the challenges of teaching in temporary structures. The focus was, as it is now, on providing our students with a quality education.

Today, Mountain View has more than 12,000 credit students, four buildings, a variety of associate degrees, certifications, continuing education and corporate training programs. The college is thriving with an accredited nursing and occupational therapy assistant program. Mountain View boasts of successful art, dance, humanities, music and technical programs. The college is also home to eight early college high schools and a host of dual-credit agreements.

Mountain View will only turn 50 once, so celebrations will happen all year long. Join Mountain View for one of its many public events. Whether it's the TEDx program, Last Lecture Series, Spring Dance Showcase or Fall Festival — we would love to have you join in the festivities. Check our website regularly, as new activities and opportunities will be added.

Several events will be fundraising events. These events are geared towards raising funds for the newly established Child Care Initiative. The Child Care Initiative, is one of the ways that Mountain View is removing barriers for student success. This initiative helps single parents pay for child care at a licensed child care facility. For more information about the program, please contact Cathy Edwards.

The next 50 years will be filled with great expectations, new technologies and innovative programs. Mountain View is prepared to meet the needs of employers, students and communities as our campus prepares students for creatively solving problems, making decisive decisions and contributing to a global society.

Join us as we continue to empower people and transform communities!

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