Dual Credit Testing

​TSI Assessment for Summer and Fall 2021 Enrollment:

Typically, all Dual Credit students need to have a TSI status in order to take any Dual Credit course. Due to COVID-19, Dallas College is allowing a temporary TSI waiver for all students based on the “exceptional circumstances” provision referenced in the THECB COVID-19 FAQs to Dual Credit students.

Dallas College Dual Credit coordinators from all colleges will use the following criteria for alternate assessment:

  • Transcript review
  • Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Grade of B or higher in related content courses (English and Math)
  • High school counselor recommendation

The chart, “Placement on High School Transcript MATH within Holistic Advising Process,” was developed and agreed upon by the Math curriculum committee for placement in Dallas College college-level advanced math courses. It is more specific to particular advanced math course placement than the above dual credit holistic advising guidelines that were adopted (of having at least a grade of “B” in an applicable completed high school math course). It is intended to be used for any incoming Dallas College student, including dual credit students.

Each student must be assessed by the end of the first semester of enrollment in entry-level freshman coursework. If the student passes the entry-level freshman course that requires a TSI prerequisite, they will become TSI-met in that prerequisite area. For example, if a student enrolls in ENGL 1301 and passes it with a C, they become TSI-met in Reading and Writing and will not have to test.