Part Time Salary Schedule and Job Descriptions

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​T​​his document provides the part-time salary rates for various Dallas College positions.

A part-time employees can work a maximum of 19.50 hours p​er week.  A part-time employee is allowed to work a maximum of 1014 hours per fiscal year.  The fiscal year begins September 1 and ends August 31.  The 1014 hours includes the combination of teaching and part-time employment.

To be selected for a part-time position, the candidate/employee must meet minimum requirements for the position.  Check with your location Human Resources Office prior to selecting a candidate for hire into a part-time role.

Training Rate for Adjunct Instructors$19.37
Student Assistants
Please note: The hours worked by student assistants is limited to a maximum of 19.5 hours per week.
Student Assistant not work study local fundS01 H07$15.00
Student Assistant - off campus-fed. fundsS12H07 $15.00
Student Assistant - on campus work study-fundS11H07 $15.00
FCWS - America ReadsS15H07$15.00
Work Study - Student Mentorship Program S41H07$15.00
Tutor (ISD) Partner – Off Campus H95HB4$20.00
Academic CoachH94HB2$21.31
Academic Coach- Grant FundedHB2H24$15.00 (Hourly rate varies by grant requirement)
Audio Recordist A (requires 2-5 years' exp.)H27H72 $21.61
Audio Recordist B (requires 6-8 years' exp.)H28H88$24.68
Audio Recordist C (requires 9+ years' exp.)H29H93$30.86
Clinical Dentist H98H69$69.00
Commercial Truck Driver-Class AH96H52$24.30
Copy Editor H35 H51 $15.00
Copy Editor, Senior H36 H56 $17.28
Copyreader/Proofreader H33H24$15.00
Copyreader/Proofreader, Senior H34 H43 $18.00
Director, Emegency Medical Service ProgramH80 H76 $41.93
Fine and Performing Arts Specialist I H56 H97 $19.37
Fine and Performing Arts Specialist IIH57H73 $22.79
Fine and Performing Arts Specialist III H58 H15$26.20
Fine and Performing Arts Technical Specialist I H59H97 $19.37
Fine and Performing Arts Technical Specialist IIH60H73 $22.79
Grant Writer - part-time HB4HB3$33.00
Fine and Performing Arts Technical Specialist III H61H15$26.20
Intern H71 H30 $15.38
Rate may vary
Learning Commons Support Assistant H93 HB1 $18.81
Life Guard H39H24$15.00
Life Guard, Senior H13H65$17.00
Model H75H97$19.37
Note-Taker for the DeafH15H23$15.00
Peer Mentor/Tutor H67H24$15.00
Program Manager IHG2H74$27.09
Program Manager IIHG3H94$32.73
Program Manager IIIHG4HG14$38.38
Project Leader IH85HA2$25.03
Project Leader IIH86HA4 $31.28
Project Leader IIIH87 HA5 $38.47
Project Producer IH83HA2 $25.03
Project Producer IIH84HA3 $28.15
PSSA PresidentH99HA4$31.28
Publication Specialist H37H51 $15.00
Publication Specialist, Senior H38H68 $18.51
Real-Time - Captioner - Level 1H44H80 $20.51
Real-Time - Captioner - Level 2H45H73 $22.79
Real-Time - Captioner - Level 3H46H89 $25.05
Senior AccompanistH91H65 $17.65
Senior Head Esports CoachH92H92 $20.67
Student PC Technician H47H24 $15.00
Subject Matter Experts IH81HA2$25.03
Subject Matter Experts IIH82HA3$28.15
Subject Matter Expert IIIH88HA4$31.28
Test ProctorH23H38 $15.00
Translator H66H22 $24.21
Video Editor A (requires 2-5 years' exp.)H30 H68 $18.51
Video Editor B (requires 6-8 years' exp.)H31H88 $24.68
Video Editor C (requires 9+ years' exp.)H32 H93 $30.86
Videographer A (requires 2-5 years' exp.)H34H43$24.68
Videographer B (requires 6-8 years' exp.)H35H51$30.86
Videographer C (requires 9+ years' exp.)H36H56$37.04

Intercollegiate Sporting Events

Level 1 - Intramural
Referee/Umpire H50 $6.50 per game/match
Senior Referee/Senior Umpire H50 $7.50 per game/match
Linesman H50 $5.15 per game/match
Senior Linesman H50 $6.50 per game/match
Intramural Scorekeeper/Timer H50 $5.15 per game/match
Intramural Senior Scorekeeper/Timer H50 $6.50 per game/match
Special Events Official H50 $6.50 per hour
Level 2 - Metro Athletic Conference
Baseball Association Assigning Fee H50 $100 per season
Baseball Mileage Fee H50 $10 per day
Baseball Umpire H50 $115.00 per 7-innings game
Baseball Umpire H50 $130.00 per 9-innings game
Baseball Official H50 $110.00 per game
Alternative Basketball Official H50 $50.00 per game
Baseball Scrimmage Official H50 $24.00 per game
Soccer Referee H50 $135.00 per game
Soccer Linesman H50 $100.00 per game
Soccer Association Assigning Fee H50 $30.00 per game
Metro Athletic Scorekeeper/Timer H50 $15.00 per match
Metro Athletic Scorekeeper/Timer H50 $25.00 per match
Statistician/Video Technician H50 $10.00 per game/match
Senior Statistician/Senior Video Technician H50 $15.00 per game/match
Tournament Scorekeep/Timer H50 $25.00 per game/match
Volleyball Linesman H50 $50.00 per match (MAC Tournament Only)
Volleyball Linesman H50 $15.00 per match (Regular Season)
Volleyball Scorekeeper H50 $50.00 per match (MAC Tournament Only)
Volleyball Official H50 $115.0 for best of five (5) matches
Volleyball Official H50 $70.00 for best of three (3) matches
Volleyball Official H50 $40.00 for one (1) 25 point tie breaker
Volleyball Assigning Fee H50 $200 per season/per campus