Babs King

Babs King

Barbara (Babs) King
Professional Support Staff Awardee

Before retiring in 2003, Babs held several positions at Richland. In her last position as coordinator of institutional research, she produced surveys and provide​​d data for departments to assist in their goal of student retention, effective management, and data monitoring with the go​al of adopting improvements for both employees/students across the campus.

She designed an End of the Year Report that is produced annually to document Richland’s annual performance record. She assisted with documentation of strategic planning and continuous quality improvement routed through the Research Office. Babs continues with many of these same activities as a part-time employee since her retirement.

She has served as chairperson of many districtwide committees, and she was a Richland PSSA officer. Babs was the recipient of the 2003-04 Adjunct Excellence in Teaching Award for Continuing Education, 2003-04 Texas NISOD awardee, 2006-07 Part-time PSS Employee of the Year, and in 2008 was named to the Richland Student Wall of Honor.

Currently, she volunteers as a teacher of English for Vietnamese nuns. In the past, she volunteered as editor for the DCCCD Retirees Association newsletter and is helping to design the association’s website.