Victor Rizzo

Dr. Victor Rizzo

Dr. Victor Rizzo
Administrator Awardee

Dr. Victor Rizzo served as Dean of the Business Division of Ea​stfield College, building strong student-responsive career programs, recruiting and developing a well-qualified faculty. His efforts contributed to Eastfield’s SACS accreditation and the growth in its enrollment. From 1986–1991, Vic was the BPBS of Eastfield College, and from 1991–1998 Vic was the VPBS of El Centro College. Using his instructional background as a fulcrum, Vic leveraged administrative and business services at each college into student-centered service-providing units.

Vic recruited and developed strong administrators within the business services, HR, and student services ranks. Many of these professionals hold high level and highly contributing administrative positions in the DCCCD today.

Vic maintains contact with the DCCCD Retirees Association through his membership and attending special functions sponsored by the Association.