Disbursements and Refunds

​​​Refunds and disbursements are handled differently depending on whether you are a credit student or a continuing education student.

Credit Students: Dallas College​ partners with a service called eRefunds to process and distribute refunds and disbursements to all credit students.​​

​Continuing Education Students: We will gladly refund your money if we cancel a class. If you ask to withdraw from a class, we will refund your money based on our refund schedule.​​

Need to petition for an exception to the refund policy?

A student may appeal a refund decision to the refund petitions committee at Dallas College in accordance with the following:

  1. Refund petitions, accompanied by an explanation of any extenuating circumstances, shall be submitted to the refund petitions committee on the campus.
  2. If the petition is approved by the committee, the student shall be notified and shall receive a refund of tuition and fees according to the appropriate schedules in this policy.
  3. A student must submit a request for refund before the end of the semester or summer session for which the refund is requested, otherwise the request is barred.

    Dallas College Tuition Refund Petition