Seeking Officers Video Transcript




24 hours a day, seven days a week, members of the Dallas College Police Department can be found patrolling roads, buildings, and campuses; preventing crime, protecting public safety, enforcing laws, and providing front-line public service by assisting students and staff to ensure a safe environment. With seven campuses and more than 20 locations throughout Dallas County and a student body over 75,000, we see ourselves as protectors of the future. 

Police dispatch, how may I help you? The Dallas College PD is a licensed police department with duly sworn police officers that has maintained a steadfast commitment to protect and serve Dallas College over the past 56 years. At a 155 members strong, we train consistently on all aspects of police work to be the best at what we do and prepare for any situation that may confront us. Officers are provided state of the art equipment to meet the challenges of their daily workload. 

Dallas College police officers work to build and strengthen relationships with students on campus and believe that part of our job is to support their success as we watch over them. To enhance the quality of life on campus, the Dallas College Police Department is committed to providing a welcoming, accessible, safe and secure educational environment for our students, faculty and staff, through community partnerships, transparency and fair and impartial policing. The Dallas College Police Department is committed to protecting students, staff, and educators, and seeks to employ the most qualified candidates to assist in protecting them. 

​Many opportunities are available to serve within our department and we encourage advancement in your law enforcement career. If you are looking for a challenging, rewarding career in law enforcement and an opportunity to make a real difference, consider the Dallas College Police Department.