How to Check Your Browser for Compatibility


eCampus Training Topic: How to Check Your Browser for Compatibility with eCampu.

Web Browsers and eCampus.

Recommended Browsers for the PC: IE 11, Firefox 31+, Chrome 36+. 

Recommended browsers for the Mac: Firefox 31+. 

Note: There are known issues with every browser, so if you are experiencing problems, please try a different browser. 

There are other programs that work with eCampus to deliver your instructor’s course content. 

eCampus provides a handy "Check Browser" feature to test your browser and plug-ins. 

To test your browser, first log into eCampus. 

The Browser check is located on the My DCCCD page. 

Scroll down if necessary. 

Click "Test Browser."

The Browser Test Window loads. 

This window will tell you if you have missing components and allows you to test different file formats. 

In this example, the required components have been met. 

If the required components have not been met, you can contact the Helpdesk at 972-669-6402 if you need help installing the components. 

To check the version of Java on your computer, click the "Java Test" button. 

Select "Agree and Continue."

Select "Run" to test Java. 

If a different version is recommended, you have the choice to download and install it. 

Below the "Required Components" section is the "Optional Components" section. 

This section will tell you if you are missing common plug-ins that might prevent you from viewing some of the course content. 

In this example, Windows Media Player and Apple Quicktime are missing. 

For any other missing components, search for the install file (use a search engine such as Google) and install them for an optimal experience. 

The bottom of the "Check Browser" screen contains commonly used file formats found in courses. 

Click on the format to see if your computer can open the file. 

To check to see if your computer can view a file, click the doc link. 

If you see this dialog box on "Open With", select OK. 

Select "Enable Editing."

When you see this message, you can open that type of file with your computer. 

If you do not see the message, you can download MS Office viewers from 

PDF is a commonly used file format. 

Click the PDF link to see if your computer can view a PDF file. 

In the example, PDF files are viewable on this computer. 

If you cannot view it, you can download Adobe Reader from

If your instructor has enabled the command, the browser can be tested inside the course. 

Your browser is now ready to use with eCampus.