How to Pay for Classes: Self-Service for Students


​​Video Transcript

Welcome to How to Pay for Classes: Self-Service for Students! This is the seventh video in the Self-Service for Students series. Let's get started!

From the Welcome screen, click Student Finance.

In the previous video, we learned how to register for a class that was added to your plan. I registered for History 1302 and it added the cost to my Total Amount Due. Here I can see that I owe $270. If you are ready to make a payment now, click Make a Payment.

Click the Choose a Payment Method drop-down and select Online Credit Card. Verify the Amount to Pay is correct. If it isn't, click in the field and type in the correct amount. When you're ready, click Proceed to Payment.

Review all information on the Payment Review page. If anything is incorrect: stop now, go back, and make the needed corrections. If everything is good and you're ready to pay now, click Pay Now.

This takes you to the Payment Processor. Click in the Card account number field and enter your credit card or debit card number. Click Continue.

Complete all the required fields: Name on card, Card expiration date, Security code, Billing address, City, State / Province, Postal code, Country, and Email. Once all fields are completed, click Continue.

If you are not ready to pay now, click Cancel and then OK to return to Self-Service. Let's click Continue to pay now.

Review the payment information one last time. If anything is incorrect, click Change to go back and make the needed changes. If you are ready to pay now, click Submit Payment. Otherwise, click Cancel.

Please be patient while the payment processes. It may take a few minutes. Do not click any buttons or press any keys on your keyboard until the payment process finishes.

Review the Payment Acknowledgement. This is your receipt. If you want to save or print your receipt, click Print.

A new tab or window opens with the printer-friendly receipt. Use your browser's built-in print function to save or print this page for your records. Close this tab or window when you're finished to get back to Self-Service.

And that's it! You now know how to pay for your classes!

If you want to return to the Welcome screen, click the Home icon in the menu bar along the left side of the screen. If you're finished in Self-Service, click Sign out in the upper right corner.

Thank you for watching!