Transfer Liaisons

​​Transfer liaisons are important partners who can help you reach your educational goals. They can advise you on selecting the right degree plan to meet your needs, choosing courses that will transfer and exploring future college majors.


Campus Transfer Liaison Contact Information

Laura Ahumada

  • Senior Academic Advisor - Guided Pathways

Remington Koch

  • Senior Academic Advisor - Guided Pathways

Jonathan Moss

  • Senior Academic Advisor

Abdul King

  • Coordinator of Transfer & Articulation / HSI C-STEM

Timothy McDuffie

  • Director of Transfer & Completion

Takyra Morgan

  • Academic Advisor

Sylvia Faz

  • Senior Academic Advisor-Guided Pathways

Matthew Spohn

  • Senior Academic Advisor

Lilia Guzman

  • Enrollment Services Representative

Fallon Jones

  • Senior Academic Advisor Enrollment Management

Kellie Hanford

  • Manager of the Transfer Center

LeCroy Student Services

Anabel Vega

  • Mentor Program