You learned a lot while serving your country.
Why not get credit for it?


At Dallas College, you can use your military training towards college degrees and professional certifications. That would place you on a fast track to completing a degree or a job-training program, preparing you for your next career.

The program is called College Credit for Heroes and it was created by the Texas Workforce Commission to maximize college credit awarded to military service members and veterans (like you) for their military experience. The program’s goal is to eliminate obstacles in your pursuit to attain licensing, certification, accreditation and degree awards so that you can transition more quickly from college to the workforce.

Get credit for your training, complete your academic goals in less time and spend less money.



How it Works

Dallas College is invested in providing value for military training and experience by the award of academic credit. Through a partnership with the Texas Workforce Commission, the Dallas College, College Credit for Heroes (CCH) program was established to maximize academic credit awards for military training and experience.

Credit may be determined in three (3) ways, evaluation of military transcripts, application of standard credit for initial entry training (boot camp) and award of general elective credit.

Military Transcripts

Officially submitted Joint Services Transcripts (JST) and Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) will be evaluated and specific course credit awarded based on the student military training and experience. Not all military training will receive recommendations for specific course credit.

Joint Services Transcripts (JST) will be evaluated, and credit awarded based on the Dallas College Military Transfer Credit (MTC) Tool recommendations.

Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) transcripts will be evaluated in accordance with established processes for all transcripts from accredited education institutions.

Initial Entry Training (Boot Camp)

Students who completed initial military training will be awarded four (4) credit hours, PHED 1100, PHED 1116, PHED 1130, and PHED 1164. (Note: A DD-214, CCAF transcript or JST are acceptable documentation).

General Electives

In addition to the specific course credit from the transcript review and initial entry awards, up to twelve (12) credit hours of general electives may be awarded from the CCAF transcript or JST.


Complete the following steps to obtain your Joint Services Transcript (JST)

  1. Register on the Joint Services Transcript (JST) website to download an Unofficial copy of your transcript.
  2. Download a copy of your Unofficial JST.
  3. Use the Dallas College Military Transfer Credit (MTC) Tool to determine how your military training may be applied at Dallas college.
  4. Download and print a copy of the MTC Outcomes Summary to use for certificate, course, and degree program decisions.
  5. Once enrolled in Dallas College, request and submit an Official Joint Services Transcript (JST) or Community College of the Air Force Transcript (CCAF). Visit our Requesting Miliary Records and Transcripts webpage.
  6. Dallas College will evaluate your military training and award appropriate academic credit based on the MTC Tool Outcomes Summary.
  7. Take a copy of your MTC Outcomes Summary to your initial advising sessions. (Note: Not all military training will receive recommendations for academic credit).
  8. Dallas College will continue to evaluate military training experiences to increase the variety of training accepted for academic credit.

Why Dallas College?

Dallas College has decades of experience assisting active duty, veteran and military-connected students achieve their higher education goals. Many of the Dallas College staff served in the military themselves and understand the challenges veterans face in adapting to college and the civilian workforce.

Dallas College and its campuses are multiple-time recipients of Military Friendly designations.

Why Dallas?

Dallas has a great deal of support for veterans and their families, with many former service members calling the area home. Many veterans take advantage of the booming economy in Dallas to pursue new career goals, including owning their own business. In Texas, veterans benefit from the state’s College Credit for Heroes Program and Hazlewood Act education benefits.



Still deciding what college to attend (or what to study)? We are currently surveying veterans and military service members to determine how they choose an educational institution and a program of study. We'd love to hear your thoughts!


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