Military Transfer Credits

​With the Military Transfer Credits (MTC) tool, military and veteran students see how their prior military training experience can be applied to a program at Dallas College.

The MTC tool is designed to work with the student's Joint Services Transcript (JST).

How to Use

  1. ACE ID  - Enter each ACE Identifier (ID) to determine if cre​dit is recommended at Dallas College. For each Occupation, only enter the ACE ID which corresponds to the highest relevant paygrade.
  2. Version Number - ​Select the correct version number from the drop-down menu. If the message "Invalid ACE ID" appears the course or occupation does not have any recommended credit at this time.
    • For Courses the version number is to the right of the ACE ID on the JST. If no version number is available choose version 00.
    • For Occupations, if more than one option is available, enter the version number that corresponds with the highest paygrade documented for that occupation. (For example: 07 for E7).
  3. Repeat the process for additional courses/ occupations by clicking the Add button under the Control section.
  4. Finally, click View Course Information to process your request. Results will show which Dallas College courses are recommended for credit and the programs with greatest application.
  5. To save your results, click "Save to PDF" button at the bottom of the page.

Disclaimer: The results are for planning purposes only final credit award will be completed after submission of an official transcript and results may vary. Not all Courses or Occupations will have credit recommendations at this time.