Returning VA Students

Anyone who has not used Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits at Dallas College for more than three years is considered a returning student. Due to our record retention practices, previously submitted documentation may need to be submitted again.

  1. Gather the documents below and have them ready to upload electronically.
    • Certificate of Eligibility – VA Certificate of Eligibility or an eBenefits form showing current eligibility and remaining benefits that is dated within the last 12 months.
    • Dallas College Registration Summary (eConnect - login required) – This is submitted for every semester you want to claim your education benefits.
    • Military Transcripts – Required for all veterans - Confirmation page showing transcripts have been ordered from Joint Military Transcripts (JST) or Community College of the Air Force (CCAF). (Not required if your advising report or Program of Study (POS) shows a completed evaluation.)
    • Program of Study (POS) – Select a program of study in eConnect under the Financial Aid heading. It is required for all VA benefits that a program of study be designated, and ALL classes are required by the POS.
    • Dallas College Standards of Progress – A list of requirements to use the military connected benefits at Dallas College. Please read and sign, highlighting any areas where you would like additional details.
    • DD 214 -- OPTIONAL -- Service 2 or Member 4 copy showing: Home of record, place of entry, dates of service and character of discharge. Not required for VA benefits but highly encouraged for benefits counseling and other college processes or outside benefits.
  2. Submit Request for Benefits.
  3. You will receive an email with instructions on how to submit the required information and documents. For information security, it is important to follow the instructions.
  4. Submit all required documents and information. Incomplete submissions cannot be processed. Please contact the campus military-connected services office for assistance as needed.
  5. You will receive follow up information regarding your submissions and any additional requirements.
  6. Changes – Report all enrollment changes.
  7. Following semesters: For each following semester you must submit a new online benefits request. This is required for both VA and Hazlewood benefits and allows us to ensure all criteria are met and you are receiving the correct benefits and assistance. If you have been enrolled during the past three years, follow the instructions for Continuing VA Students. If your last enrollment was over three years ago, follow the instructions for Returning VA Students.