WorkReadyU and the Labor Market Intelligence Center


WorkReadyU offers a no-cost adult education program that teaches the skills needed for college or career success.

WorkReadyU Offers:

  • Free ESL Classes – Students can improve their English skills so they can attend college, get a good job or advance their career.
  • Free High School Equivalency (GED) Classes – Students can increase their academic skills with small-group high school equivalency (GED) classes and hands-on learning.
  • Free Job Training – Students can develop the skills they need to start a successful career or transition to college.

Labor Market Intelligence Center

The Labor Market Intelligence Center (LMIC) aspires to be the leading source of regional workforce information and insight for the Dallas College Network.

Using Data for Decision-Making

To keep Dallas County competitive in the regional marketplace, it is critical that the college understands the economic drivers of the region and how these drivers affect workforce development. The Dallas College Network must have continuous access to data and decision support through the LMIC to ensure that programs produce workers with the skills that are relevant to Dallas County businesses.

The LMIC works with several internal and regional partners to:

  • Identify opportunities and trends in high growth, emerging and economically critical industries and occupations.
  • Estimate the gap between labor market demand, available training, and existing or future workers.
  • Pinpoint socioeconomic barriers that may hinder student success.
  • Help the Dallas College Network respond to workforce needs by providing quality information for decision making.

​​​​Dallas College is an Equal Opportunity Educational Institution.