Attendance Expectations



All full-time employees are encouraged to attend Conference Day (in-person or virtually). In the event your employees choose not to attend, they must submit a formal request for designated leave time to their respective supervisors. All part-time employees interested in attending Conference Day must work with their supervisor to request an adjusted schedule for the week, if applicable.


To facilitate employee participation, we will be closing all Dallas College campuses and locations for the day. Due to capacity limitations, there will be a cap on the number of in-person attendees permitted to attend. Employees who choose to attend virtually may do so from a remote location other than their place of work. Campus closures will allow all employees to be fully engaged in the activities planned for Conference Day, regardless of whether they attend virtually or in-person.

Professional Development

Those employees who choose to attend Conference Day will be eligible for five professional development hours. This is a valuable opportunity for personal and career growth, as our Conference Day program is designed to provide insights, inspiration and opportunities for professional development.