Military Transcript Evaluation

W​hile most of the nation’s enlisted service personnel (99%) have a high school diploma or some college experience, only six percent (6%) have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. As a result, veterans without a degree face daunting barriers after separation from active duty since the unemployment rate for high school graduates is generally about twice that of college graduates (Lang and Powers, 2011).

American Council on Education (ACE) Recommendations on Advising for Veterans

Award credit for military coursework and/or experience through ACE guide recommendations, portfolio evaluation, and other Prior Learning Assessment options for evaluating extra-institutional learning. Clearly communicate your policies on military transfer credit and other ways for recognizing prior learning. Ensure that advisors and other personnel are trained on how to obtain transcripts for all branches of service and how to work with veterans to evaluate what they learned from their training and military experience for possible college credit.

VA service providers have limited resources and experience necessary to provide supportive services emphasizing the benefits of and steps necessary to prepare for and successfully complete a post-secondary degree.

Resources for Awarding Military Credit for Prior Learning