Engage My Career Tool

What It Does

Provides learners with potential occupational, credentialing, and apprenticeship opportunities that align with their specific educational and occupational experiences.

Specific output/data provided:

Occupations that may be attainable or nearly attainable based on the user’s unique set of qualifications
Degrees and non-degree credentials that may align with their previous training, experience, and credentials
Detailed views of skills, experience, and qualifications compared to typical requirements of occupations and credentials
Recommendations for next steps to fill gaps for occupations and credentials
  • A credential is any academic and/or non-academic post high school verified and validated learning opportunity. Non-academic credentials typically include certifications, licen ses, and apprenticeships. Academic credentials include degree programs and certificates.

How It Does It

It looks at a user’s experience to date including credentials obtained as well as civilian and military occupational training and experiences. Engage My Career analyzes the provided data and creates a customized output for the user to help informed career pathway decision making.

Why Is This Important?

Provides users with a list of personalized occupational, educational, and professional development choices that they may be qualified for based on their past training, education, and experiences – along with outlining actionable steps for pursuing a particular occupation of interest.

Output includes downloadable file with all career-relevant experiences that can be used as a reference for career counseling, job applications, and other career-related decisions.

What Should the User Provide?

  • Civilian education and credentials, which can be provided in documents such as the Dallas College unofficial transcript
  • Service history and military training, which can be provided in documents such as a Joint Service Transcript (JST)
  • Civilian employment history