Developing Hispanic-Serving Institutions Project

​​​​​​Especially for Hispanic Students

Are you a Hispanic student attending Dallas College’s Eastfield, El Centro or North Lake campuses?


Thanks to a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, these three Dallas College campuses will be offering a variety of free services designed to boost your success.

Services will include:

  • Educational workshops on financial literacy, including financial aid options, work-study opportunities and scholarships
  • Academic tutoring in core subjects​
  • Internship/apprenticeship opportunities in health, business, technology, education and construction programs
  • Regular check-ins with academic and success coaches to discuss grades, enrollment, transfer, and job training and development
  • Monthly workshops in partnership with community and business organizations on various academic, career and personal growth topics

Take the Next Step Toward Success!

Please contact us to learn more and gain access to these free services.


Juana Leonard
  • Director, Title V HSI-Grants Management for Eastfield
Jonathan Estrada
  • (Contacto en español)
  • Grant Program Coordinator, Title V HSI-Grants Management

Dr. Dolores Raivzee-Bell
  • Director, Title V HSI-Grants Management for El Centro
Doria Wormbly, M.Ed.
  • Coordinator, Title V HSI-Grants – Student Services
Kendra Heard
  • Coordinator, Title V HSI-Grants – Grant Services

Nekima Horton
  • Director, Title V HSI-Grants Management for North Lake
Alida W. Murray, MA
  • HSI Title V - Grant Program Coordinator
Veronica Castillo, M.S.
  • Instructional Designer – Title V Grant
    Center for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL)