Cash Reserves Report

​T​he following chart indicates the dollar amount of total cash and investments on hand as well as t​​he required amount of cash reserves. The cash reserves will only be accessed pursuant to Board policy as agreed upon by the Chancellor and the Chief Financial Officer and approved by the Board of Trustees.

A chart showing cash reserves from 2017 to 2023. Text is available below the chart. 

FY2019FY2020FY2021FY​2022Estimated ​​FY2023
Required Cash Reserves $77,535,822 $82,256,710 $93,982,472 $89,400,096$105,000,000
Excess Cash Reserves $395,480,056 $341,996,899 $287,002,235 $312,599,904$356,000,000

According to the Board policy BAA (Local) Management of College District Funds, item 3: The College District shall maintain an amount of cash reserves not less than two months of general operating revenues to ensure continuity in the event of economic downturns, unexpected emergencies or in the case of catastrophic loss and to maintain the most favorable credit ratings for financing debt.