Complaints, Concerns and Grievances

If you have concerns or complaints about programs and services at Dallas College, please use the contact information and forms below.

Under federal law, Dallas College must publish this information for use by students and other people who want to share a concern or complaint.


Academic Complaints and Grievances


Are you a student with a concern about a course or academic program? Perhaps your concern is about an assignment, a grade or a learning issue?

Share your concern by contacting your instructor. If your instructor is unable to address your concern, next, ask for help from the chair of the department in which the course or program is offered. You can reach the department chair to file an academic complaint or grievance using the Student Complaint Form.

File an Academic Complaint or Grievance

Civil Rights Complaints and Grievances


Do you feel that you have been treated unfairly based on your race, skin color, religion, national origin or age by a staff or faculty member, student or another person linked to Dallas College?

Please file a civil rights complaint or grievance using the Student Complaint Form.

File a Civil Rights Complaint or Grievance

Sexual Misconduct and Title IX Grievances


Do you have a grievance related to sexual assault, sexual harassment or gender-based discrimination?

The Sexual Misconduct policy (PDF - 180KB) at Dallas College applies to any instance in which a person is alleged to have engaged in sexual misconduct. Whether you are a student, faculty member, staff member or visitor, you have the right to file a grievance.

Grievances or reports of sexual misconduct should be submitted to the Title IX coordinator and/or deputy Title IX coordinator of the appropriate Dallas College campus. Reports of sexual misconduct committed by a Title IX coordinator should be reported to the Office of General Counsel.

To begin the formal grievance process for Title IX, please use the Dallas College Sexual Misconduct Report Form. Dallas College is committed to ensuring equal access to education in an environment free from discrimination, including sexual misconduct.

File a Sexual Misconduct Report

Student Access and Accommodation Grievances


Are you a student with a disability and feel you have not received appropriate accommodation or treated in a discriminatory manner?

Please follow the grievance procedures to share complaints or grievances about your student access or accommodations.

  1. Contact the administrator of the Accessibility Services Office and share your complaint/grievance.
  2. If your complaint or grievance is still not resolved, you may file a formal complaint to be investigated by the ADA/Section 504 coordinator by submitting the ADA Grievance Form.

Accessibility Services are required under the Americans With Disabilities Act and Section 504 accommodations. A full list of these services offered by Dallas College can be found on the Accessibility Services webpage.

File a Student Access and Accommodations Complaint

Tuition Refund Petition


Students may request a credit class tuition refund that is different from the policy guidelines of the Dallas College FD(LOCAL). This form must be submitted before the end of the semester or summer session for which the refund is requested.

Credit class refund petitions will be considered for injury, illness or death of an immediate family member. Refund petitions will not be considered due to unhappiness over course content and/or instruction.

File a Tuition Refund Petition

Code of Student Conduct Violations


Members of Dallas College may report an alleged violation of the Code of Student Conduct through the Dallas College Code of Student Conduct Referral Form. All submitted forms are reviewed by the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities and evaluated if action should need to be taken.

A report may be filed anonymously; however, please consider providing your information for effective follow up. Reporting an incident without disclosing your name or contact information may impact the ability of Dallas College to research, take action and offer supportive measures, such as academic accommodations, no-contact orders, change of work schedule, campus escorts or other similar measures tailored to the individualized needs of the parties involved.

We recommend using objective, unemotional language by providing facts in your report, rather than sharing your personal feelings. The reporting system is confidential.

If you have questions about submitting a referral, please contact

Submit a Code of Student Conduct Referral Form

General Complaints and Grievances


Dallas College is committed to understanding and assisting the needs of all students, staff, faculty and visitors. Sometimes these concerns do not fit neatly in one of the other categories on this webpage. To help answer general questions or address concerns and grievances, we ask students to submit this information using the Student Complaint Form. Based on the information you provide, the appropriate staff member will contact you.

File a General Complaint or Grievance