Student Life & Engagement

Your time here isn't just about taking classes. All the living and learning you do outside of the classroom is a big part of your college experience, too.


Student Life includes service, leadership, friendships and that hard-to-define essence that makes college more than a collection of classes or buildings.

Maximize your college experience by getting involved in a student club, playing a sport or attending events at one or more of our campuses.

Student News, Events and Activities From Across Dallas College

Student Clubs and Organizations

Getting involved on your campus can be a great way to expand your knowledge, make friends and contribute to your local community. The following are just a few of the many options that are available at Dallas College:

Academic Organizations

Challenge yourself and add a few credentials to your transcript before earning your degree or transferring to a four-year college or university.

Explore Clubs At Your Campus

Clubs at Dallas College cover a wide range of interests, including culture, arts, academics, wellness, networking and more. Join one, or start your own.

Leadership Development

Become a socially responsible leader by increasing your cultural awareness, as well as learning the skills you need for effective leadership.

Student Government

Meet new people, raise your voice and make an impact. Join the decision-making process at your campus as a member of the Student Government Association.

Service Learning

Combine a desire to serve your local community with engaging classes that teach you about the world around you, and you've got Service Learning.

Common Book Projects

Join the conversation about this year's Common Book and participate in a range of activities from film screenings to workshops.

Student Media & Publications

Find out what's happening at Dallas College by checking out your campus newspaper or listening to Richland's student-run WebRadio, KDUX.

Athletics and Fitness

Dallas College offers a wide variety of sports opportunities including basketball, soccer, baseball and many more. Campuses also compete in their own leagues.

Athletic Teams at Your Campus

Intramurals and Personal Fitness

Our Intramural Sports Programs are committed to providing comprehensive and competitive recreational opportunities for students, faculty and staff.

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