Student Clubs and Organizations at Brookhaven

Students interested in joining a student club or forming a new one should contact either the club advisor listed in the Student Handbook or contact their campus Office of Student Life.

Student Clubs and Organizations (2019-2020)

Raise awareness and appreciation of the arts on campus and in the community.

Contact:  Susan Mollet

The mission and philosophy of Black student union organizations is to help students strive for academic excellence, promote positive images of African Americans and help students become an integral part of a community college.

Contact: Christine Broadus

Offers students 50 years and up socialization and interactive support through educational programs and volunteer opportunities.

Contact: DeBorah Stephenson, Elaine Burres

Introduce Asian pop culture, activities and fan bases.

Contact: Sam Govea, Heather Skweres

Promotes interest and student participation in the field of criminal justice through activities and field trips.

Contact: David Griggs, Michael Freeman

Builds political ambition in young women. Provides civic education, exposure to women in political leadership, career opportunities and a peer network.

Contact: Asmara Saleemi

Promotes cultural understanding of Korea through language, music, tradition and activities. All are welcome.

Contact: Charles Self

Advocates for the Brookhaven student body and acts as a liaison for students to the administration and faculty. Offers opportunities for leadership development, campus involvement and personal growth. Learn more about Student Government Association.

Contact: Brian Borski, Jennifer Hernandez

Creates campuswide events designed and led by students.

Contact: Campus Activities Board, Carmen McIver, Tir'Zah Francis

Gives practical application of the Christian lifestyle through biblical principles and teaching.

Contact: Venus Bullard, Raul Quezada

Promotes the art and appreciation of the many forms of dance to the campus and community.

Contact: Brianna Cahill, Eboni Ivery

Enhances communication skills, critical thinking and the art of respectfully engaging in debate on topics of interest.

Contact: Allen Solomon

Introduces students to the modern concepts of engineering through demonstrations and building projects to educate students and promote interest in the field of engineering.

Contact: Charli Rust

Provides a creative outlet for stress and allows students to network with other students who share a common interest in gaming.

Contact: John Flores, Marcus Butler

A hybrid organization bringing students and employees together to create an educated and engaged community at Brookhaven College.

Contact: Brandon Morton, Ricky Thielen

Brings awareness and appreciation to Brookhaven students about the diversity of cultures on campus.

Contact: Sheri Van Court

Works toward a more accepting environment for all people, regardless of orientation or identity. Provides education, support, social action and advocacy.

Contact: John Wells, Stefany Delima

Promotes leadership, fellowship, scholarship, and service through activities and events. Learn more about Phi Theta Kappa.

Contact: Rebekah Benavides

Furthers the expression of unique creativity designing and fabricating realistic lifelike pictures through means of Photoshop and editing.

Contact: Aaron Thomas, Ayesha Rodriguez

An inclusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals in attaining advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership in STEM.

Contact: Iris Duarte-Bazaldua, Josue Acosta

This organization empowers, enhances and enriches women through their educational journey by creating an atmosphere of sisterhood bonding through workshops and fellowship.

Contact: Clara Saenz, Nancy Muniz

Promotes student veteran’s educational experiences, maximizes networking and employment opportunities, and helps facilitate the transition to a four-year university.

Contact: Natasha Collins

Increases mental power, health, longevity and resistance to illness for more effective study and restores emotional harmony.

Contact: Linda Reyna, Courtney Hallman